Professional Organizing FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Straight Up Spaces Professional Organizing Services.

Every project will vary but, after the initial consultation we will have a better idea.

No worries just remove the item or items from the space or, if it is a whole room just close the door.

I like to keep my sessions shorter because, nobody really wants someone in their home much longer than that. Industry standards are 3 hours.

We work with clients to implement efficient organizational systems and processes to help make it easier for you to find things and put them away.

We purchase custom solutions for your needs that suit your budgets and lifestyle.

We do carry some cleaning supplies but, they are used only in the areas that we are working on. For example we will wipe down or dust shelving.

This is anything that keeps you focused and thinking straight. It is caused by overstimulation. We talk on the phone while eating dinner or, watching TV.

We advise a one in and one out rule. If you bought something new then something needs to go. For example –if you bought a new purse you should get rid of one.

We offer virtual organizing sessions but, this will only work if you are a willing participant and hands on.

Our industry is growing rapidly as people are spending more time at home buried in their stuff . Especially since the pandemic.