Don’t Be Nervous – Easily Prepare for Your Home Organizing Consultation

how to prepare for home organizing consultation

You booked a Home Organizing Consultation and now what? This is something I get asked all the time so I thought I’d share how you can prepare!

Steps to Prepare for Your Home Organizing Consultation

Things To Do:

  • Openly Discuss – please include your whole family and make sure everyone is onboard.
  • Encourage Participation – let family members participate if it makes sense because the spaces that are to be organized is their own bedroom or, playroom.
  • Focus – I will be asking you lots of questions and will need your undivided attention so please try to eliminate any other distractions.
  • Dress Casually – we may need to move things around to get a better look at the space.

Things To NOT Do:

  • Don’t Pre-clean – I have worked in all kinds of spaces and seen all kinds of things.
  • Don’t Pre-organize – I need to your space to look exactly the way it always is so, please don’t change it…. Remember that you called me for a reason. 
  • Don’t Be Nervous – I am non-judgemental person and do not look at your clutter the same way you do. I am a Professional Organizer – I know what systems and solutions are going to work best for you and your space. I am there to help guide and support you. 
  • Don’t Apologize – for the mess. I am there to help you organize it, no apologies or excuses needed. Life happens, and sometimes situations are beyond your control and this is how clutter and disorganization begin.

The purpose of this home organizing consultation is to learn as much as I can about you, and your lifestyle. Once I have gathered up enough information, I will go home and map out a plan. I will start thinking about what systems and solutions will be best suited to set you up for success. I will send you an email recapping what I’ve learned along with our agreement. Once you have signed the agreement, we can go ahead a book an appointment together. 

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