Home Organizing Ideas

Before & After Examples of Some Home Organizing Ideas

Check out some of these great Home Organizing Ideas that Straight Up Spaces has implemented for happy clients!

Home Organizing Ideas #1: The Pantry

The Problem:

This client had plastic shelving in the pantry that was all collapsing. She has five children, and one of the cans fell on her head. She said she cannot risk that happening to one of her kids.

The Plan/Solution:

  1. Take everything out of the closet and toss out any expired food.
  2. Put like items with like items.
  3. Hire a handyman to measure and install wire shelving that wrapped around one and half walls taking advantage of vertical space.
  4. Toss out packaging of most of the panty goods and put them into clear containers.
  5. Purchase some non slip can holders as well as, baskets to put smaller snacks in or, overstock.
  6. Place items that are used frequently at eye level.
  7. Label everything .

The Result:

Cheryl helped me with my space in my house that was a complete disaster! I would just keep throwing things into my pantry to the point where I couldn’t see the floors and the cans of food I had would just be piled up higher and higher.

I didn’t have any counter space and I have five children to chase around all day.

With Cheryl’s help I feel so much better and I can make dinner now knowing where everything is and I can put it back where it goes. Everything has a home now. Which makes my home functional!!! One project done. Now on to the next Cheryl!!”

Home Organizing Idea - Pantry - Before Home Organizing Idea - Pantry - After
Home Organizing Idea - Pantry - Before 2 Home Organizing Idea - Pantry - After 2

Home Organization Ideas #2 : The Closet

The Problem:

Her husband’s clothes did not all fit into his small closet and he was just tossing them in and letting them fall all over the floor.

The Plan:
  1. Take everything out of the closet.
  2. Sort and remove any out of season clothing.
  3. Put into piles (like with like items).
  4. Grab a tote or some clear bags for donations.
  5. File fold, jeans, sweaters, t shirts. (Client watched video on how to file fold).
  6. Purchase an over the door organizer for the socks and underwear.
  7. Measure the cubbies and purchase fabric organizers …organize by category- sweaters, t shirts and jeans.
  8. Purchase non slip hangers for dress shirts.
  9. Take out the bottom rod and add a laundry hamper.
  10. Purchase some avery labels to put on the shelves or, add a label that allows you to tie onto the bin.

The Result:

Her husband is very happy as he can see all his clothes with the new systems put into place. Once everything is labeled it will help keep it that way—-minus the file folding. He said she will have to do that 🤣