How to prepare for an organizing consultation

So, I booked a consultation now what? This is something I get asked all the time so, thought it was a good idea to share this. Steps to prepare: Do: Discuss – please include your whole family and make sure everyone is onboard. Participate -let family members participate if it makes sense because the spaces […]

Virtual Organizing Services

What is it and how does it work? Virtual organizing has become something that a lot of organizers are offering. You may have even heard a bit of buzz about it on HGTV’s show called “Hot Mess House”.   There are some terrific benefits for both organizers and SOME clients but…. before you decide to dive […]

Give me 10

What are Tiny Tasks you ask?!  They are small tasks that you can complete in ten to fifteen minutes tops. They are designed to get you motivated and start de-cluttering.  Sometimes it can be far too overwhelming to think about organizing your whole homes so, I recommend that you start small. The whole point of […]